Frequently Asked Questionsfrequently asked questions

Why would I want to hire a professional?

With template solutions available to help "save time and money" making business cards, web sites, etc. it can be tempting to try to do it all yourself. If so, consider these questions:
1. How will my business stand out if I don't present a unique and well defined look to prospective customers?
2. Is design and copy writing my area of expertise?


How much will it cost?

We do not have a set price for creating a web site, logo, etc. because each project is unique. We listen to what you would like to achieve, discuss options and define a plan. We give you an individualized estimate based on that plan to complete your project.

The creative process can be very inspiring and it is common for new ideas to arise as work proceeds. We enjoy the collaborative process and integrate any modifications to the plan as they occur. Significant changes to the original project description may change estimated costs.


How does it work?

What we offer is the opposite of the "one-size-fits-all" template design. At your free initial consultation we will discuss your project, what the piece should accomplish, examples of the style you are envisioning and the timeline. We will make observations and suggestions based on our experience. Together we will define a plan tailored to your particular specifications.

The process typically follows these steps:
1. Initial meeting
2. We create an estimate
3. You accept the proposal
4. We provide initial proof(s)
5. You approve or request revisions and modifications
6. We make additional proofs until all desired changes are incorporated; we keep you updated regarding any potential cost or time overruns
7. We finalize and deliver the completed project to you and/or the appropriate service provider (printer, web server, etc.)