"Nice work Margeau! I like the last set a lot."


"All looks good. Lets get the site up!!! Thank you so much for all your work. I'm so excited to have a fresh look."

Tony Ramos

Ochoco Dental is private dental practice which needed a makeover upon changing ownership. They were looking for a modern visual tone to exemplify changes planned for all aspects of the business. We started with a new logo and complete identity package. Using some elemental cues from the existing materials, we endeavored to keep current clientèle at ease while communicating the new ethos. We also created a web site to provide current and prospective patients with more customer service and instant access to information. Sourcing relevant, yet attractive photographs and integrating Tony's artistic vision have been important to the success of our work with Ochoco Dental. We continue to maintain their web site and provide them with art for diverse office /marketing materials. This site is located at ochocodental.com.